Creating a great website is one thing, but getting it seen by potential customers is another. We understand not only what it takes to get your website ranking well in the search engine results but also how to turn visitors into new customers.

Our in-house Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service focuses on delivering a return on investment through increased visibility of your website.

Search engine optimisation requires a range of activity to achieve optimum results, including but not limited to:

  • the creation of content rich landing pages that provide the user with the information they require
  • ensuring that your website is technically as effective as possible
  • creating a great user experience
  • generating high quality links back to your website

Keyword Strategy

Developing a winning search engine marketing strategy starts with keywords. Identifying and selecting the best keywords to drive relevant search traffic to a website allows the creation of master keyword plan. This influences and focuses the content and site architecture as well as determining future link building strategies.

Content Optimisation

Search engines use a sophisticated process to analyse content and rank pages in the search results. Content optimization is no longer just stuffing the text full of keywords. It is about writing compelling content that speaks to and engages users of the website.