Hughes Media Approach Step 1 , our web design process


We Will

Setup the initial meeting

Assess your online needs

You Will

Attend to discuss your requirements

During our initial meeting, we will look at your current positioning and set some clear goals you want to achieve with your new website. Additionally, we will also advise on search engine processes, discuss the benefits of responsive websites and how to integrate social media into your online presence.

Hughes Media Approach Step 2, our web design process


We Will

Supply a written specification and content list

Propose a wireframe and site map

You Will

Review the document

Sign-off the specification

The work on your new website begins by setting out its architecture in a very simple way – known as a wireframe. This will indicate the priority of elements discussed at the initial meeting and map content, structure and how users will access information. We will also work out what we need from you to put together the website and in what file format, and supply you with a breakdown of costs and a proposed schedule of the works.

Hughes Media Approach Step 3 , our web design process

Content Creation.

We Will

Gather and check all supplied content prior to the design process

You Will

Provide agreed imagery and content

Before our design team can start work on the visual elements of the new website, our project manager will liaise with you to gather all we need to put together your website. We will make sure everything is in a format we can work with, and source additional photography and copywriting if necessary.

Hughes Media Approach Step 4


We Will

Design concepts for the home page

Develop the tone of your website

You Will

Review the design work and sign off

With the structure agreed and all content received, our designer will begin putting together the first draft of the home page. All elements of the user experience will be considered, such as how buttons, menus and inter activity will work. Selecting appropriate typography, colour scheme, images and videos, all to enhance your brand’s identity. The designs will then be submitted to you for your comments – we will amend the design until it is exactly right for you.

Hughes Media Approach Step 5


We Will

Construct the site framework

Test the code

You Will

Sit back and relax

When you’ve signed off the designer’s visuals, our team of developers will then begin turning them into a fully-functioning website. The first step is to tie the design into our bespoke Content Management System (CMS) framework. Fancy coding features to give your website some Hughes Media chutzpah will be thrown in, making sure your website will be bug-free and standards compliant every step of the way.

Hughes Media Approach Step 6

Content Population.

We Will

Add content to the development site

Ensure the site is optimised for search engines

You Will

Check the content list is complete

Once the frame work has been completed, the previously supplied content can then be added into the website using our CMS. This could be a good opportunity for you to come into our office and learn how to use it to keep your content fresh, or you could leave us to get on with the job for you – the choice is yours!

Hughes Media Approach Step 7 , our web design process


We Will

Test the website

Refine and review site

You Will

Sign off your website

Before your shiny new website can go live, some stringent tests will be run to see how well it performs in up-to-date versions of the most popular browsers around. We check its overall functionality, optimisations, speed in loading and of course security – we’ll make sure that it’s not only your website that’s secure, but also any data it may collect from your customers.

Hughes Media Approach Step 8 , our web design process


We Will

Launch your website and give it a 24 hour intensive check

Submit to the major search engines

You Will

Sign off your website

Let’s take it live! The story’s not quite over yet though. All websites require regular maintenance and updates to keep your customers happy, as well as to keep it at the top of search engine ranking. We’ll be on hand to give you any support you may need, or if you need a rankings boost with focused marketing, email campaigns and SEO.