Ably assisted by his eager team of superheroes
to bring you better websites...

Sarah Donovan

The Flaming Shadow

Alter ego of Sarah Donovan, Account Manager

Once a professional fire-fighter dedicated to saving lives – until a dramatic conflagration in a chemical factory changed her life forever! Transformed by the experience, Sarah must now learn to control her dangerous new powers – to manipulate fire and shadows – whilst keeping them secret from those she cares about most.

Most known for Protecting Hereford from experimental street theatre.

Steve Beck

Duke Claw

Alter ego of Steve Beck, SEO Developer

Steve gained his abilities after being bitten by a radioactive cat! Cat Communicator extrordinnaire – Steve has the ability to talk to any cat, and can also see through their eyes and mentally link with them!

Most known for Defending the good people of Bromyard from drum & bass and the double threat of endless charity shops and cut-price continental supermarkets.

Matt Hemming

The Spartan Ghost

Alter ego of Matt Hemming, Digital Designer

Matt is a mythic hero from ancient Greece, transported through time to the modern era, where he faces strange new technology and evil beyond imagining!

His skills and abilities gives him perfect aim – it's impossible for him to not hit your target, no matter what weapon you may be using!

Most known for Patrolling the lanes of Eardisley, keeping them free from cattle-based protection rackets and ageing hippies.

Chris Powell

Neuron Mask

Alter ego of Chris Powell, Web Developer

Chris was mysteriously transformed when he encountered a psychedelic mist in the Australian Outback! Now, sharpened reflexes and blistering intelligence makes him perfect for one of the world's greatest superhero teams! Chris has instant recall of anything he sees, and there is no limit to the amount of information he can learn!

Most known for Keeping the streets of Kidderminster free from unsafe burger vans.

Michelle Coyle

Venus Bane

Alter ego of Michelle Coyle, Web Developer

Michelle’s home planet was destroyed by the plans of the evil Domino Bones, and after being rocketed to Earth as a baby, she now fights for humanity! Hurrah! Michelle has the ability to create and manipulate the icy, zero-pressure vacuum of space at any time. Don’t worry, she uses it wisely!

Most known for Defending the citizens of Hagley from rampaging wild rhino!

Matt Gorle

The Mirror Master

Alter ego of Matt Gorle, Web Developer

Matt inherited an antique Victorian mirror from his eccentric grandfather, which has unexpectedly gifted him with strange powers! He now has the ability to manipulate and control mirrors and reflections, using them to generate illusions and even use them as a means of transportation!

Most known for Saving Kingstone from free-form jazz trios and vigilante tractors.