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The power of GEO IP

Imagine being able to know where in the world your website visitors are and being able to show them the right content on your website? You might want to send your Swedish visitors to a page in your site with content about how your product or service can help to avoid car crashes with elks or your Russian visitors to a page about the same product or service that helps to avoid crashes with wild bears all in the visitor's native language.

GEO IP is the way to do this. You can identify where in the world a visitor is (down to city level) based on their geographic IP address. Each visitor will have their own individual IP addess (a series of numbers like this)  that is in turn mapped to a location. There is a pre-defind list of IPs by country.

One of the bigger providers of GEO IP services is Maxmind. It offers several different types of services based on precision and the way in which the service is accessed. But for a few dollars a month you could be on the way to offering more personalised, tailored content to persude your website visitors that you are the supplier for them.

This could be the edge you need. The devil is in the detail.

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