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  • Responsive

    Adapts to work on small screen devices.

  • Address Lookup

    Enter a postcode, look up your address and select the address. This can be applied in either customer-facing areas of your web site or in an admin control panel.

    Helps to:

    • Reduce data entry time and customer frustration
    • Prevent address typing errors
  • Advanced Delivery Systems

    Control the delivery options offered to customers by package weight, delivery area (from postcode level, country level) or package size.


    • You can offer the cheapest delivery method for any order, increasing orders
    • Cheap delivery zones aren't restricted by expensive "broad-brush" pricing
  • Advanced Search and Filter

    Make large databases more accessible and easy to navigate. Offer free text search, filters and categories to allow users to easily find what they are looking for.


    • Large parts lists - search by model
    • Clothes - search by size, colour etc
    • Members - search by region/expertise area
  • Advert Systems

    Control adverts on your web site with fine control over which pages adverts display on.  Advert click through rates and view counts are updated in real time.

    Good for:

    • Information based web sites - sell advert space
    • Directory web sites - sell advert space
    • Shops - promote certain products across categories/brands
  • Basket Remarketing

    E-mail customers with incentives to place an order after they have abandoned a basket or failed to complete payment.  The system automatically detects abandoned baskets and can e-mail the customer a few hours later with an incentive to complete their purchase.


    • Increase number of orders
    • Find out reasons for checkout abandonment
  • Bespoke Data Capture

    Allow entry of data directly by your customers through your web site.


    • Meter Readings
    • Customer feedback forms
  • Blogs

    Integrate a blog into your web site to discuss issues and report on news whilst opening up discussions with your users.

  • Booking Systems

    Appointment slots or space availability are set online and customers/clients can book appointments or register their intention to attend through a web interface.


    • Bed and Breakfasts / Hotels
    • Conferences
    • Surveys
  • Calendars

    Display events in a calendar format. This can include filters to display events of certain types.


    • Group events e.g. membership meets
    • Training course dates
    • "Where we'll be" e.g. exhibitions
  • Clickable Diagrams

    Diagram images are uploaded to your web site, and clickable areas added.  Clicking these areas will allow users to find out more information about that area.


    • Parts diagrams - click to buy the part
    • Infographics
    • Product detail information
  • Custom Databases

    Store information online - stored and managed in an online database that can be accessed through any web-enabled device.


    • Brochure requests
    • Accommodation bookings
    • Member information
  • Digital Content Delivery

    Allows your company to share digital content e.g. documents, images, videos with other offices or companies. Upload your content to the web site and share it with specified groups of people.


    • Access to company resources from any web-enabled device
    • Immediacy
    • Access can be granted or revoked at any time
  • Discounts

    Offer your customers discounted rates for your products. These discounts can be code-activated or available to all.


    • Fixed amount off whole order
    • Percentage off whole order
    • Percentage off set categories
    • Free delivery
  • Donations

    Take donations through your web site quickly and easily.

  • Dynamic Graphs

    Take a data set and display in interactive graph format which can allow zooming and on-the-fly calculations.


    • Membership levels
    • Research statistics
    • Thermal degradation for heatsink components
  • Equipment Booking

    This can allow you to offer equipment available for hire through an online booking system.   Equipment availability can be controlled automatically by the web site.


    • AV hire and rental
    • Machine hire
    • Car/bike hire
  • Google Product Feeds

    Feed product information from your e-commerce web site in to the Google Shopping search system.


    • Your products are easier for customers to find and compare prices
  • Instant Quote Builder

    Your staff members can log in to a quote builder from any device and build a quote. This will be stored online and can be retrieved by the customer or salesperson at any time.


    • Window/Door installers
    • Service providers
    • Consultants/Surveyors
  • jQuery interactivity

    jQuery allows pages to be a little more than just a page of information.  Make your web site interesting and interactive with jQuery interactivity.


    • Drag & drop page customisation
    • Image sliders and slideshows
    • Expand/collapse more information
  • Member Management

    Web based membership management - a list of members is stored and managed in an online database that can be accessed through any web-enabled device.

    Helps to:

    • Allow members to log in to your website
    • Keep track of member data from any device
    • Promote renewal of membership
  • Multi-lingual websites

    Present your site to a wider audience by offering pages in multiple languages. The web site can be controlled through a central control panel.

    Helps to:

    • Promote upkeep multi- language web sites
    • Encourage consistency across each site
    • Reduce ongoing costs of updating translated sites.
  • Online Payments

    Also known as payment gateway integrations, this allows you to take card payments through your web site.


    • SagePay
    • Worldpay
    • Paypal
    • SecPay
    • PayPoint
  • Online Surveys

    Harvest customer feedback online immediately - surveys can be embedded in your site rather than existing separately. Surveys can be added/modified by an administrator and data presented in report format.


    • Website feedback forms
    • Product feedback
    • Service ratings
  • Product Categories

    Categorise products using different concepts e.g. industry, application, manufacturer etc. Products can be assigned to multiple categories.


    • Car parts - by manufacturer and area of car
    • Printers/plotters - by application and paper size
  • Product Customiser

    Start with a base product and offer customers the option to customise by adding or removing features.  These features can affect the price of the product shown.

    Helps to:

    • Sell and promote availability of complex/bespoke products
    • Save time - website can quote for you in real time
  • Role-based administration

    Separate logins for users to control different sections of your web site.

    Helps to:

    • Control permissions to change certain pages
    • Enable each section to be updated more frequently
  • RSS Feeds

    Provide XML feeds of your product lists, news lists or events lists. These can be subscribed to by your customers or displayed on other web sites.


    • Share your content across other sites
    • Offer frequent updates to your customers
  • Shopper Traceability

    Keep track of your customers - visualise their order process from viewing an item to completing payment.

    Helps to:

    • Identify break points in the order process
    • Understand the thought process of users using your web site
    • Use this information to streamline your web site
  • Social media integration

    Social media widgets can be included on your web site. The web site can also be set up to automatically post news or product updates to different social media channels.


    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
    • LinkedIn
  • Tag Clouds

    Tag news articles, events, blog posts or products with keywords which can show in a keyword tag cloud on your web site.

  • Third-party Integration

    Your web site can be set to communicate with existing in-house systems to streamline your business processes.


    • Web Order data pushed to an order processing system/financial software
    • Customer data pushed to a Customer Relationship Management system
    • Stock updates to/from stock tracking systems
    • Website update information from Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Trade Orders or Accounts

    Offer your trade customers a special login to your web site which will allow them to see trade prices and discounts.

    Helps to:

    • Promote online ordering by your trade customers
    • Centralise trade account information

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