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Really Good website landing pages

A landing page is typically the first page a visitor arrives at in your website. A good web marketing campaign should direct visitors to landing pages that are tailored to their needs rather than simply dumping them on the home page of your website and expecting them to have the patience to find what they were promised / were looking for.

A really good landing page should have the following attributes:

1. It should be quick to load. You only have approximately 3 seconds before a visitor switches off and hits the back button.

2. It should have a clear, concise and targetted message. Don't try to pack all of your marketing messages in to one page. Prioritise the benefits to the visitor and not the features.

3. Should be directly relevant to what was promised. If a visitor was promised details about Widget X then the page should show Widget X prominently and focus on content about Widget X including text and photos.

4. Resist the temptation to try to sell every one of your products or services from one landing page. By all means provide some carefully chosen alternatives for visitors  - Widget X visitors also tend to like/use Widget Y.

5. Provide a clear next course of action. Make this as explicit as you can.

Instead of

'Call Us'


'Call Us on 01886 853385'

or even better

'Call Us on 01886 853385 to get a free sample of Widget X.'

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