BAL Group

The BAL Group (formerly Birmingham Aluminium) is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of aluminium extruded and multi-metal components with a strong focus on heatsinks.

Heatsink product information is presented in a clear format allowing visitors to find the right heatsink quickly and easily. Bespoke thermal calculation software was developed by Hughes Media and used to produce graphs of product performance based on specific calculations. Viewers of the site are able to use this software to calculate the °C/W or products at different lengths and convection speeds for the full heatsink product range.

BAL Group have a customer base located throughout Europe so needed a way to make the website information as accessible as possible. The website includes 10 translated versions of the main UK site all of which can all reached quickly and easily. Each language site is managed through one central content management system keeping time spent making updates to a minimum.

The BAL Group website has strong Google search results for the phrase "aluminium heatsinks" and is often in position one on the first page of results.

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